The only new thing in the world is the history you don’t know.Harry S. Truman, quoted by David McCulloch


This book recounts a long history, a broad overview of how, where, and why the methods of data visualization, so common today, were conceived and developed. You can think of it as a guided tour of this history, focusing on social and scientific questions and a developing language of graphics that provided insights, for both discovery and communication.

This introductory chapter, provided here as a PDF file, gives the origin story of this book and provides and overview of the main themes and content of the book.

Chapter contents

  • A Long History
  • Overview
    • Re-Visions
    • Chronology versus Theme

Selected Figures

Time line of milestone events: Classified by place of development.

Figure 0.1: Time line of milestone events

Classified by place of development. Tick marks at the bottom show individual events. The smoothed curves plot their relative frequency, in Europe and North America.
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