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Version 0.8-4 (2023-04-12)

CRAN release: 2023-04-16

  • Imports: tidyr must depend on (>= 1.3.0) for one use in a vignette.
  • Enhanced the vignette, “Creating and manipulating frequency tables”, vignettes/creating.Rmd
  • Created a new vignette, “Mobility tables”, with extensive examples of models and graphs for square mobility tables.

Version 0.8-3 (2023-02-16)

CRAN release: 2023-03-04

  • All datasets now classified with tags by method of analysis. These can be found using, field="concept")
  • Added a vignette, datasets.Rmd showing all datasets classified by method tags. Links only work in the pkgdown site.
  • Added Asbestos data

Version 0.8-2 (2023-01-19)

CRAN release: 2023-01-29

This is a major enhancement release of the vcdExtra package, focusing on documentation and examples.

  • added HouseTasks data set, illustrating permutation of row / col variables
  • package now depends on R (>= 3.5.0) per CRAN nit
  • add Suggests: seriation to illustrate CA re-ordering of rows/cols based on correspondence analysis
  • all .Rd files reformatted and many examples extended.
  • the vignette mosaic.Rmd on mosaic displays has been extensively revised with examples for square tables and permutation of row / column variables.
  • begin to classify datasets with \concept{} tags
  • Added a new demo-housing.Rmd vignette, using content from demo/housing.R.

Version 0.8-1 (2022-04-22)

  • rename vignettes to be in order

Version 0.8-0 (2022-04-20)

CRAN release: 2022-04-21

  • Fixed warning from expand.dft() re type.convert
  • Old .Rnw vignettes converted to .Rmd
  • Fixed two problems detected in the initial submission.

Version 0.7-6 (2022-02-12)

CRAN release: 2022-02-14

  • Fix some issues with CMHtest() types argument #PR11 [Thx: ShuguangSun, Matt Kumar]
  • Fix some Winbuilder URL nits; extensive spell checking

Version 0.7-5 (2020-12-25)

CRAN release: 2021-01-25

Version 0.7-4 (2019-09-25)

  • Fix datasets() to work with packages not using LazyData #PR7 [Thx: Duncan Murdoch]
  • Bump package Version

Version 0.7-3 (2018-06-04)

  • fix Version number for gnm in DESCRIPTION
  • fix expand.dft and expand.table to work with tibbles [Thx: Duncan Murdoch]
  • vcdExtra gets a hex sticker

Version 0.7-1 (2017-09-28)

CRAN release: 2017-09-29

Version 0.7-0 (2016-01-27)

CRAN release: 2016-02-25

  • Added Glass data
  • introduce links and references to DDAR
  • added mcaplot() to plot MCA solutions in DDAR style
  • added update.xtabs() method
  • updated vignette to refer to DDAR

Version 0.6-12 (2015-10-06)

CRAN release: 2015-12-23

  • Added Burt data
  • Fixed examples/vignette for ggplot_2.0.0

Version 0.6-11 (2015-09-14)

CRAN release: 2015-09-17

  • bump pkg Version for CRAN

Version 0.6-10 (2015-07-27)

  • Added HospVisits data

Version 0.6-9 (2015-06-11)

CRAN release: 2015-07-11

  • Added Mice data
  • Removed uses of summarise() and Summarise() from demos and examples, in preparation for deprecating them.
  • summarise() is now deprecated
  • Now use importsFrom() for all functions from recommended packages

Version 0.6-8 (2015-04-15)

CRAN release: 2015-04-16

  • Fixed Title: and Description: for CRAN

Version 0.6-7 (2015-04-02)

  • Removed loddsratio (now in vcd) (rev 252)
  • Removed print.Kappa (now in vcd) (rev 253)
  • Fixed bug in CMHtest(): rmeans and cmeans labels were reversed (rev 254)
  • Fixed error in Fungicide.Rd, now that we require vcd_1.3-3 (rev 254)
  • Added WorkerSat data - 2 x 2 x 2
  • Added AirCrash data

Version 0.6-6 (2015-02-04)

  • Minor doc changes

Version 0.6-5 (2014-11-07)

CRAN release: 2015-01-03

  • Added Cormorants data (fixed to latest)
  • Added LRstats(), to replace Summarise. Older summarise() and Summarise() will eventually be deprecated.
  • Now Suggests: AER for NMES1988 data
  • collapse.table() now works with array objects

Version 0.6-3 (2014-10-27)

CRAN release: 2014-11-01

  • Fixed bug in logLik.loglm when the data contain zero frequencies (rev 228)
  • Made Summarise generic, adding a method for “glmlist” objects (rev 230)
  • Added a coef() method for “glmlist” objects (thx: John Fox)
  • Added a Summarise.loglmlist method (rev 232)
  • Replaced all documentation uses of summarise() with Summarise() (rev 233)
  • Added cutfac(), a convenience wrapper for cut() (rev 234)
  • Now use rgl:: in all mosaic3d functions

Version 0.6-2 (2014-06-30)

  • added Summarise, to replace summarise
  • Added HairEyePlace data - 4 x 5 x 2, Caithness and Aberdeen hair/eye color (rev 223)
  • Added PhdPubs data from Long (1997) - publications by PhD candidates
  • Allow Summarise to work with models w/o a deviance() function
  • Fixed bug in Summarise wrt degrees of freedom

Version 0.6-1 (2014-04-14)

CRAN release: 2014-06-10

  • Added ICU data
  • Added Toxaemia data - multivariate response contingency table (rev 209)
  • Added Vietnam data - 2 x 5 x 4 frequency table (rev 210)
  • Added logLik.loglm to allow use of AIC() and BIC() for loglm models (rev 212)
  • Fixed loddsratio.Rd to work with revised vcd::CoalMiners data (rev 212)
  • Added blogits for bivariate binary response data
  • Added Vote1980 data (rev 214)

Version 0.6-0 (2014-03-07)

CRAN release: 2014-03-08

  • Removed Authors: in DESCRIPTION, bumped Version

Version 0.5-12 (2013-12-16)

  • Added ShakeWords data set- word frequency counts from Shakespeare (rev 188)
  • Added Geissler data– all family sizes for Saxony sex composition data (rev 190)
  • Added logseries functions for the logarithmic series distribution (rev 191)
  • Added Depends data – dependencies of r packages (rev 192)
  • Fixed buglet in seq_loglm() not respecting arrays
  • Added seq_mosaic() (rev 194)
  • Added CyclingDeaths data (rev 196)
  • mosaic3d() gets an interpolate= option to control shading levels (rev 197)
  • Fixed bug in seq_mosaic, thx to David Meyer (rev 200)
  • Fixed bug in seq_loglm() when marginals != 1:nf

Version 0.5-11 (2013-07-01)

CRAN release: 2013-09-16

  • Added mosaic.glmlist to plot mosaics (or other strucplots) for some or all models in a glmlist (rev 169)
  • Added loglin-utilities.R, containing a suite of functions to provide a more conceptual way to specify loglinear models by type (‘joint’, ‘conditional’, ‘mutual’, ‘markov’, ‘saturated’) (rev 171)
  • Added mosaic.loglmlist, similar to mosaic.glmlist for models fit using MASS::loglm (rev 173)
  • Both mosaic.glmlist and mosaic.glmlist get an explicit panel=argument; both get some more sensible default default arguments (rev 175)
  • Added seq_loglm to fit sequential loglm models to marginal subtables, giving a loglmlist result (rev 176)
  • Added Accident data (rev 178); fleshed out Accident examples (rev 180)
  • Fixed use of ::: for R 3.0.1 (rev 179)
  • Fixed various problems related to use of MASS:loglm (rev 181-183)
  • Added Titanicp to datasets (rev 185)

Version 0.5-8 (2013-03-06)

  • Revised vcd-tutorial showing some examples of plyr; added a section on RC models
  • Added Donner data with example of ggplot2 plot for a binomial glm()
  • Added vcd-tutorial section using ggplot2 for Donner data
  • Enhanced datasets() to provide a maxTitle argument (rev 153)
  • Added doubledecker plots to Dyke.Rd (rev 156)
  • Added Draft1970table and Draft1970 data sets (rev 158)
  • Added example of doubledecker plots to vcd-tutorial vignette (rev 164)

Version 0.5-7 (2013-03-01)

CRAN release: 2013-03-05

  • Completed CMHtest methods, adding overall tests across strata in a general way
  • CMHtest now gets an S3 generic with a formula interface
  • print Kappa gets digits= and CI= arguments

Version 0.5-6 (2012-11-30)

CRAN release: 2013-02-28

  • Added Hosmer Lemeshow and HLtest methods, including plotting via vcd::rootogram()
  • Added CMHtest for general Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel tests
  • Revised vcd-tutorial vignette, adding a section on CMH tests; removed dependence on Z.cls

Version 0.5-3 (2012-03-07)

CRAN release: 2012-05-08

  • Added Mammograms data (4x4, ordered factors, agreement)
  • Extended mosaic.glm examples
  • Added Alligator data (4x2x2x5, in frequency form)
  • Added DaytonSurvey data (5-way, 2x2x2x2x2 in frequency form)
  • Extended vcd-tutorial vignette with a section on collapsing over factors
  • Removed aperm.* now that aperm.table is in base R

Version 0.5-2 (2010-11-28)

CRAN release: 2011-03-24

  • Added loddsratio and related methods for log odds ratios, generalizing vcd::oddsratio from 2 x 2 (x strata) tables to R x C (x strata) tables
  • Added as.matrix.loddsratio, as.array.loddsratio methods
  • Added some simple plot examples to example(loddsratio), anticipating a plot method
  • Added data(Fungicide), a 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 table
  • Renamed summarize() and related methods to summarise() to avoid conflict with plyr.
  • Addition to vcd-tutorial vignette on use of aperm() with table objects
  • Updated demo(yamaguchi-xie) to correct row/col nomenclature and add plot of BIC
  • Added aperm() S3 generic to handle table objects
  • Moved tv.dat to inst/doc/extdata to avoid warnings in R 2.12+

Version 0.5-1 (2010-09-17)

CRAN release: 2010-11-29

  • Added Yamaguchi87 data (5x5x3 three-way mobility table in frequency form)
  • Added demo(yamaguchi-xie) illustrating fitting and visualization of the models of homogeneous and log multiplicative layer effects fit in Xie (1992, Table 1)
  • Added BIC to summarize() and friends
  • Added Hauser79 data (two-way mobility table), plus some examples from Powers and Xie (2008)
  • Added Crossings() to construct interactions for Goodman 1972 crossings model.
  • Added datasets() to list datasets in packages
  • Extended description and examples of Kway()
  • Added meanResiduals() and extended mosaic.glm() (Heather Turner)
  • summarize() gets a sortby argument for glmlist and loglmlist objects

Version 0.5-0 (2010-04-28)

CRAN release: 2010-04-16

  • Fleshed out mosaic3d, allowing display of observed or expected, internally calculated or externally supplied residuals, specifying the initial 3D shape, etc. This completes the ‘top-level’ work on mosaic3d(), borrowing code from vcd::strucplot.
  • Added initial handling for zero cells in the table to mosaic3d().
  • Added center3d() for finding the mean coordinates of shape3d objects.
  • Added demo(mosaic-hec) comparing 2D and 3D mosaics for HairEyeColor data
  • Gave mosaic3d a label_edge argument, allowing labels for dimensions at minima or maxima
  • Made mosaic3d object oriented, giving it a loglm method
  • Added Kway(), fitting all 0-way, 1-way, 2-way, … k-way models in a glm

Version 0.4-3 (2010-03-25)

  • Added demo(mosaic3d-demo), a proof-of-concept for doing 3D mosaic displays
  • Added mosaic3d(), an initial basic Version.
  • Factored out split3d() and gave it S3 methods

Version 0.4-2 (2010-03-09)

CRAN release: 2010-03-18

  • Revised vignette(“vcd-tutorial”): added some hints for mosaic(), corrected stuff regarding prior limitations of mosaic.glm()
  • Added demo(Wong3-1): three-way table, with models of conditional association
  • Added Suggest: effects for effects plots of glm(), multinom() and polr() models
  • Added demo(housing): visualize models fit in example(housing, package=“MASS”) using mosaic() and effect plots.
  • Updated demo(Wong2-3): added model comparison plots, glmlist processing
  • Added Suggest: VGAM
  • Extended package description in vcdExtra-package.Rd
  • Added glmlist() to facilitate processing, extraction, plotting, etc. of a collection of glm() models
  • Added loglmlist(), for collections of loglm() objects
  • Added summarize methods for glm, glmlist, loglm and loglmlist objects

Version 0.4-1 (2010-02-21)

CRAN release: 2010-03-07

  • Added example(Caesar), illustrating structural zeros
  • Re-named Heckman variables to e1971, …, e1968 (errors from loglm); began example(Heckman)
  • Added example(Detergent), example(Dyke)
  • Fixed bug with mosaic.glm when data in global environment (Heather Turner)
  • Added sieve.glm and assoc.glm methods (MF)
  • Added modFit.glm and modFit.loglm
  • Added demo(Wong2-3)

Version 0.4-0 (2010-02-23)

CRAN release: 2010-02-28

  • Added new datasets: data/{Abortion, Bartlett, Caesar, Cancer, Detergent, Dyke, Gilby, Heart, Heckman, Hoyt, Mobility} from via converter.
  • Fixed small documentation warnings
  • Switched inst/CHANGES to NEWS

Version 0.3-6 (2009-04-21)

  • Added Depends: gnm
  • Added demo/{mental-glm, ucb-glm, vision-quasi}
  • Added demo/{occStatus,yaish-unidiff}
  • Initial release to CRAN

Version 0.3-5 (2009-3-6)

  • mosaic.glm now uses object$data if available

Version 0.3-4 (2009-2-11)

  • Fixed bugs in mosaic.glm, mosaic.gnm in models with terms like Diag(dest, origin) that get included in x$xlevels

Version 0.3-3 (2009-2-10)

  • Fixed bugs in mosaic.gnm
  • Fixed print.GKgamma
  • Added example of GKgamma to vcd-tutorial

Version 0.3-2 (2009-2-8)

  • Added more examples to mosaic.glm.Rd

Version 0.3-0 (2009-2-6)

  • Fixed bugs in mosaic.glm and mosaic.gnm

Version 0.2 (2009-2-1)

  • Added vcd-tutorial vignette

Version 0.1 (2009-1-26)

  • Initial Version on R-Forge.