Main texts

Friendly & Meyer (2016), Discrete Data Analysis with R: Visualization and Modeling Techniques for Categorical and Count Data . This book provides the syllabus and main content for the course. Use the code ADC22 for a 30% discount from the publisher's web site.
Web site for the book:
Alan Agresti (2019), Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis, 3rd Ed. . A somewhat parallel book, offering a different perspective on categorical data analysis.
An ebook version can be purchased from the York Bookstore. See How to purchase your course materials for PSYC 6136

Supplementary readings

Agresti (2013) Categorical Data Analysis . A much more technical book, that many consider the 'bible' for categorical data analysis methods.
Web site for the book
Solutions manual for R
A PDF copy of this book is available to students in this course.
Fox (2015) Applied Regression Analysis and Generalized Linear Models . An excellent text on linear models; Part IV on Generalized Linear Models provides a clear and comprehensive discussion.


In lectures and lab sessions I will be using R software exclusively, together with the R Studio user interface for R.

You are well-advised to download and install these to your computer so you can follow along.

Making plots with ggplot2

The majority of the graphs in DDAR and in my lectures use custom graphic methods implemented in the vcd, vcdExtra, ca and other packages specific to categorical data analysis. Yet it is also helpful to learn how to make and customize graphs using ggplot2, the modern lingua franca for specifying and producing graphs.

Here are a few links that I find useful:

Papers, talks, blogs and others


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